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Quilting with Westalee Templates

Supplies needed:

Westalee Sampler template set
Westalee ruler foot
Sewing machine with an adequate extension table and a new sewing machine needle (Bring extras just in case)
Thread clippers
Marking tool (hera marker, water soluable pen, pencil)
Cross Hair Ruler (optional)
Contrasting thread
Quilt sandwich made of
  • 1 yard of fabric for the top and 1 yard for the backing (muslin works)
  • batting of your choice 45 x 36
  • Baste at as shown in HOMEWORK preparation document
Before class, drop the feed dogs on your machine and do some free motioning.  Adjust tension, needle or thread to make sure your machine is free motion ready for class.  Please contact Dolores Pickens if issues arise.

Quilting with Westalee Templates

$ 100.00